Our Buisness

We are strong in the ability to build sophisticated analysis tools to help people and organizations visualize and understand their information. Regardless, if your information is scientific or business related, we can sort it, categorize it, arrange it, count it, group it, plot it, and present it. Another one of strong our abilities are in building servers for companies and small businesses. We also focus on network security, server security, algorithm development, AI applications, environmental analysis tools and network monitoring. Web sites and web applications as well.

Why You Should Use Us

We offer a personal service which will blend our skills into the highest quality tools for your data. Computational Analytics LLC. gives you the attention and personal service that you want. The rates are competitive with no hidden fees or surprises and we offer many flat rate packages and IT Services.

Our mission is to produce a quality product with tangible results at a fair cost. It is to develop new tools and technologies that will enable end users to understand, validate, visualize, store, and manage their information. As well as, produce a clean IT Services, analysis tools, environmental tools, and products based on the client’s needs and expectations.

About Privacy and Security

Do you really know where your data and digital assets are? We constantly store documents, pictures, financial information, records, and legal information in the 'cloud'. Where is the cloud really? Multiple copies of your important information are on redundant servers across the globe. You can store your information on our secure privately managed server or we can help you build your own. We believe that your data, digital assets, and your information are truly yours. Your data should not be scattered across the globe on various servers for businesses, governments, and criminals to do what they want with. Because of this, we work very hard to produce tools and technologies that create private computing infrastructures and applications for business and individuals that will keep your information yours.

Intelligent Web Applications

We don't just build web pages, Companalytics builds intelligent web applications. We connect web pages with AI and modern machine learning algorithms to build sophisticated intelligent web applications that provide the end user with insights, projections, and forecast. Intelligent web applications are made using the latest Bootstrap technology. bolt_fill Find out more.

Intelligent Mobile Applications

Intelligent mobile web applications are hosted on our our private high performance server puts heavy duty AI computing power on your tablet or smartphone. Intelligent server based mobile applications are built using Framework7. bolt_fill Find out more.

Artificial Intelligence

Our intelligent applications are natively designed to harness h2o.ai. It is our tool of choice for AI coding and has a Auto (ML) Machine Learning feature that evaluates many different ML options and models. It will automatically build and fit the best and most optimal models with hyperparameters to your situation. Companalytics has a user friendly GUI developed that will allow the control of high performance deep neural networks. bolt_fill Find out more.

We take cyber security very seriously.We can setup and maintain enterprise level firewalls for offices, business, and homes and can build custom security appliances for special applications. Our servers and software applications utilize a barrage of security applications. Some of our security features we use for our applications are:

  • Developed applications use (WAF) web application firewalls.
  • Network and server firewalls.
  • Various port and network monitoring tools.
  • Applications can require a token to be accessed.
  • Secured servers that use globally recognized standards and security certifications.
  • Applications use two layer authentication.
  • Data can be directly encrypted as it is received.
  • (TOTP) Time based one-time password technology can be built into our developed applications
The list of provisions we take to protect user data goes on and on.

CompAnalytics Applications, clouds, and databases that require TOTP will need the user to download their favorite authenticator application and scan the QR code below to setup access. We prefer Microsoft’s Authenticator application but others will work.
bolt_fill Microsoft Authenticator.

CompAnalytics subjects its server to routine security test by independent organizations and also its own collection of internal tests. We work to ensure that acceptable national and globally recognized security standards are met when necessary and possible. Our servers that provide SSL security, cipher, and encryption measures meet the requirements of the following.

  • NIST SP 800 - 53
  • PCI - dss

Putting it all Together

Most web developers have to hard code algorithms into their applications. Complex algorithms and AI applications are large and very difficult to code from scratch. Most web developer don't understand the algorithms required to write machine learning and AI applications. Also, AI intelligent applications, due to their complexity really require a lot of computing power to run and so it is impractical to run sophisticated AI applications on a cell phones. We get around this by building apps on central server that has substantial computing power and hooking the phone to it over the internet. We use a special application that allows us to connect our advanced R statistical algorithms to web applications. We use Shiny. Shiny hooks R to web frameworks and R hooks h2o.ai to Shiny and so we can build sophisticated web applications that connect you phone, tablet or PC to a high performance AI infrastructure.

On-Premises Web Site or Privately Hosted Web Site

It seems impractical to own the actual web server that host your personal or business website. Large banks of computers in a giant array of cabinets comes to mind. The truth is, a web server can function in something like a standard PC upright tower case or even in a small box that resides on your office desk. We can setup up a secure website that can be accessed on and off site and it simply sets under your office desk. Since we localize your website to your office, we can add easily add office functionality to your website. For example, a client might need access to a specific report. Since the website is localized to your office, office workers could directly drop the information need for the report on a drive on their local office PC, the report is processed on the local server and immediately available on the internet to those who have been granted access. This really helps to preserve work flow and adds functionality and utility to your website and also keeps your information in your possession until your client is ready to receive it.

Specialty Enviromental Scientific Services

CompAnalytics has the ability to perform highly specialized radio-assay of environmental data from landfills or the decommissioning of processing facilities that have manufactured or processed radioactive materials.

  • Advance gamma spectroscopy in-situ modeling and analysis.
  • Environmental soil sample radio-assay.
  • Mobile laboratory environmental radio-assay data management.
  • Technical environmental laboratory oversight and consulting.
  • Gamma spectroscopy multi-efficiency modeling and model sensitivity analysis.
  • Uncertainty analysis for radiation and detection instrumentation.
  • Uranium and plutonium enrichment measurements.
  • Large item assay including large waste boxes and IMC containers.
  • NDA (Non-Destructive Assay) special application systems.
  • On-Site and Off-site NDA and environmental laboratory training.
  • On-Site environmental radio-assay and characterization.
  • Gamma spectroscopy system calibration and testing.

We like to build servers, but the servers we build are not in large room full of racks that are lined with computers. They are simply a small box that sets on a desk or even in a standard PC tower case. We had a vision to provide the customer with the ability to host their own website or clouds on-premise in a small cost-effective package that is aesthetically pleasing and simply looks like a small piece of office equipment. This small box can host your company web site or a complete cloud infrastructure and collaboration environment. Our server are micro servers and can put your company website or cloud on your desk in your office right in front of you. When your clients are visiting your website, they are visiting your office.

Analysis and Scientific Services

Here are a few of our services related to the analysis of information and data.

  • Time Series Analysis with ARIMA Modeling and Forecasting
  • Modeling, and Simulation
  • Publisher Quality Graphs and Reports
  • Advance Statistical Analysis
  • Quantitative Trading Algorithms
  • Measurement Uncertainty Determination
  • Financial Modeling
  • Signal Processing and Noise Analysis
  • Pattern Recognition Algorithms
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Six Sigma Calculations
  • Lab Data Validation and Report Review
  • Batch Data Processing Algorithms
  • Custom Lab Reports
  • Lab Anaylisis Services

Data Visualization and Graphs

Companalytics can make publisher quality graphs and plots. Also, in our web frameworks we can integrate interactive graphics into our intelligent applications. At the core of our interactive graphics is ApexCharts. bolt_fill Find out more.

Modeling and Simulation

Modeling, modeling, modeling, it's what we do. We can take real world situations and build sophisticated models to make predictions about their behavior. Also, we can take these models and optimize or minimize outcomes. R is our superpower and is a statistical programming language and is at the heart of all of our modeling and analysis. R has huge ecosystem and has literally thousands of predefined statistical and computational algorithms.

Database Devlopment and High Effeciency Data Storage

We can help you manage your data through database design and management. Our database applications typically use SQL and SQLite and can be integrated directly into our web applications so your data can be retrieved safely through the web or your local intranet. We have the ability to very efficiently store data using serialized files or using Low Ranked Models. Conventual data management tools such as spreadsheets are a very inefficient ways of storing data and actually very little space occupied by a spreadsheet is strictly for the data. We can take a lot of information and put it in a very small package. This saves storage space and is retrievable much faster than more conventional data storage tools.